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Professor Charles Hulme

Professor Charles Hulme (credit: Suzy Harrison)
Telephone: 020 7679 4285
Address: UCL, Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street, Bloomsbury, WC1N 1PF


Charles Hulme completed his doctorate under the supervision of Peter Bryant and Donald Broadbent at the University of Oxford before taking up his first academic position as Lecturer at York in 1978.In 1985 he was awarded the British Psychological Society's Spearman Medal and in 1998 he was the joint recipient of the Dina Fietelson Award of the International Reading Association for research on reading intervention.

Charles has previously had the roles of Editor in Chief of Scientific Studies of Reading (2005-2008) and Associate Editor of Psychological Science the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science (2007-2010).

Research interests

Charles's current research interests include the development of reading and language skills in children, and developmental disorders of these skills. He has published widely on different developmental disorders including Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Speech and Language Impairment, and genetic disorders including Down syndrome and Williams syndrome. Charles has wide experience of Randomised Controlled Trials evaluating treatments for reading and language difficulties in children.

Recent publications

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