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Dr Alison Bailey

Alison Bailey

Department of Psychology, University of York
York City Council
Telephone: 01904 553036 (York City Council)
Email: amb510@york.ac.uk / alison.bailey@york.gov.uk


After graduating with a BA (Hons) in English and Other Related Literatures from York (1982), Alison completed a PGCE in Liverpool, then taught in Scarborough for ten years before becoming Advisory Teacher for English and Assessment for North Yorkshire LEA. The launch of the National Literacy Strategy in 1998 prompted a move to her current position with City of York Local Authority. As Literacy Consultant for the city, Alison supports primary schools and pre-school settings in developing children's speaking and listening, reading and writing skills. She also has a wider brief, working with schools in challenging circumstances to develop their management, classroom organisation and approaches to teaching and learning, to ensure standards are raised for all pupils.

Research interests

A particular interest in issues around the Rose Review into the teaching of Early Reading (2006) led to Alison launching a project aimed at applying research findings into the most effective teaching methods for early literacy in all York schools and settings. The LA gave her a year's leave to pursue this research further, under the supervision of Maggie Snowling. She is particularly interested in how education and psychology research findings can be implemented effectively on a wide-scale, across a whole Local Authority and within existing financial and other constraints, and on how classroom teachers, teaching assistants and senior leadership teams can be involved in action research. Alison has been investigating the impact of the varying intake policies of schools on the phonic and early literacy development of Reception and Y1 pupils, particularly those younger in the school year, and on how writing and spelling development follows teaching.

Recent publications

Alison Bailey. Scaling up research-based interventions: the impact of the Rose Review’s recommendations on early literacy in one English local authority. Awarded PhD, 2012

Snowling, MJ., Duff, F., Petrou, A,, Schiffeldrin, J. & Bailey, A.M. (2011) Identification of Children At Risk for Dyslexia: The Validity of Teacher Judgements using ‘Phonic Phases’. Journal of Research in Reading, 43, 157–170 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9817.2011.01492.x

Snowling, M. J., Hulme, C., Bailey, A. M., Stothard, S. E., & Lindsay (2011). Better communication research project: Language and Literacy Attainment of Pupils during Early Years and through KS2: Does teacher assessment at five provide a valid measure of children’s current and future educational attainments? DFE-RR172a. London: DfE. https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/RSG/publicationDetail/Page1/DFE-RR172A