Centre for Reading and Language

CRL Summer Workshop 2015 Presentations

Following this year's CRL Summer Workshop in June, the presentations are now available below. Click on the presentation title to download.

1. What are the literacy skills of children with history of Otitis Media? - Julia Carroll and Helen Breadmore

2. Parental input and language development: a case of gene-environment correlation - Emma Hayiou-Thomas

3. A population study of language and communication at school entry: An update - Debbie Gooch

4. What's in a story? Children's learning of new written words via reading experience - Niina Tamura, Anne Castles and Kate Nation

5. Is syntactic processing merely “good-enough”? Evidence from eye movements - Nick Cooper and Kate Nation

6. Contextual Diversity, not Frequency, Predicts Children’s Word Reading - Kate Nation and Bram Vandekerckhove

7. Criteria and Terminology Applied to Language Impairments: Synthesising the Evidence - Paul Thompson, Dorothy Bishop, Maggie Snowling and Trish Greenhalgh

8. Evaluating a parent-delivered language enrichment programme for pre-school children living in socially-disadvantaged areas - Kelly Burgoyne, Helen Whiteley, Maggie Snowling and Charles Hulme

9. The role of context in incidental word learning during reading in children - Holly Joseph and Kate Nation

10. Using a mispronunciation correction intervention to examine the relationship between vocabulary and decoding - Hannah Dyson and Charles Hulme