Centre for Reading and Language

About the Centre for Reading and Language

The Centre for Reading and Language (CRL) was founded in the early 1990s at the University of York. Since its creation the CRL has brought together researchers interested in children's language and learning, under the direction of Professor Maggie Snowling and Professor Charles Hulme. The team has expertise in the development of language, reading and number skills and uses this knowledge to investigate disorders of language and cognition including dyslexia, language impairment, speech sound disorder, dyscalculia, attention problems, autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities such as Down syndrome and 22q.

The overarching aim is to conduct high quality research into the nature and cause of language and learning difficulties and to translate research findings into practical solutions for educational problems. To this end the CRL has developed a range of assessment procedures and standardised tests for the assessment of literacy and has designed and evaluated a suite of language and reading interventions for use in schools.

In 2011 Charles Hulmes took up a position as Chair of Psychology at UCL and in 2012 Maggie Snowling left the University of York to take up the position of President of St John's College, Oxford. As a result of this the CRL became a 'virtual centre' in late 2012 - a network of UK and international colleagues, many of whom are alumni of the Centre.